About Keeya

Keeya is a contemporary artist who was born and raised in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago. Keeya’s surroundings influence much of her work. She creates realistic renderings that celebrate culture, legacy, feminism, and spiritual energy. Keeya describes her signature artistic style as modern. She is best known for painting mixed media portraits while incorporating a variety of intrinsic values into her work. However, Keeya artistic abilities are not limited to painting; she digs deep into her creative mind to create a variety of work.

In 2014, Keeya received her B.A. in Art with a concentration in Fashion Design from Columbia College in Chicago. Keeya uses her knowledge and experience to teach young people about art. She encourages her students to explore their artistic journeys by cultivating art as an immersive and transformative experience.

“I want young people to know that their possibilities are limitless,” says Keeya.

Keeya has a passion and dedication for building up communities through the arts. In 2019 her Lemonade Art Show featured local artists who, like Keeya, see art as a way of self-expression.

Keeya has recently been crowned Ms. Illinois at the 2020 American Elegance Pageant. She wants to use her platform to continue to inspire the next generation of artists.

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